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Automated Series Commercial Vehicles

The Task

The human being is a very intelligent creature. It realises complex situations and can react to these very quickly. Its optical and acoustical warning ability in e. g. every day traffic is enormous. However, the human being tires quickly and is not reliable in its reactions. During transportation most accidents and damages are caused by human error. Therefore transportation systems have to be developed in order to relieve the driver or to replace him.

The Answer / The Solution

The problems are solved through the automation of the vehicles:

  • No accidents
  • No stress
  • No wasted journey
  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Highly reliable
  • Exact vehicle positioning
  • Careful transportation of vehicle and load
  • Exact route planning
  • Optimal route control
  • Reduced labour costs


FOX diagram cost-benefit-analysis automation of series vehicles

The Principle

Automation of vehicles is always advantageous if:

  • A high degree of precision and reliability is required (sensors don't fatigue)
  • The operational area is too dangerous for people, i. e. danger for peoples health (dust, poison, radioactivity, heat, cold, night shifts, etc. )
  • Labour costs have to be reduced, especially in companies operating in multiple shifts.

Efficiency of the system leads to multiple benefit for the customer

  • Series production vehicle
    • low cost of purchase
    • widely available
    • tried and tested equipment
    • world-wide service
  • Automated driving
    • low costs
    • reduced labour costs
    • optimal transportation
    • no human error
FOX Diagram System Integration

The Experts

The answer to the system task is guaranteed through a strong partnership. Tried and tested vehicles with intelligent technology offer the highest reliability and productivity.

Truck with Satellite Navigation
Mercedes-Benz Actros: forward and backward navigation by precise differential GPS (PDGPS / 30 km/h)