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You can download a custom version of the TeamViewer QuickSupport Program for many operating systems from the TeamViewer server. You can find the link below. You only need this program if one of our service technicians told you to use it.

The QuickSupport module allows our service technicians to remotely control your computer for the time period in which you permit them to do so. In order to authorize our technician tell him the one-time password and ID that the program shows when started. He can then use his program version to connect to your computer.

Only personnel authorized by you has the permission to contact your computer that way. Once you close the program nobody can contact you anymore and all active connections are terminated.


Götting does not grant warranty for the programs and applications already installed on the customer PC. This includes safety applications like firewalls or anti virus software. The customer is responsible for his data safety. We assume that regular data backups are carried out.

Götting does also not grant warranty for disturbances that have not been caused by Götting or its service technicians even if they occur close after the support session.

By downloading and executing the custom TeamViewer application attached below you accept the warranty exclusion arrangements listed above. Götting assures you that the remote access is solely used to perform the actions necessary to achieve the support case goal and that our service technicians exercise reasonable care.

Privacy Notice

If you click on the link below you are forwarded to the server of the TeamViewer Germany GmbH. The server of the TeamViewer Germany GmbH then collects data about your visit. Götting cannot influence this data collection. The privacy policy of the TeamViewer Germany GmbH explains the scope of the data collection:

Download of the custom TeamViewer QuickSupport Program

You can download the software from the following address: