Projects FOX

Overview of the news about FOX projects

Photo of the vehicle during green space maintenance

Visit us at Agritechnica and take a look at our new control stand.

Photo of an automated P250 in the automotive industry

Experience the future of industrial automation with our automated P250 tow tractor

3D sketch of a tractor with the electromechanical actuators operating pedals and steering wheel

With the help of the kit, emergency vehicles can be automated or made remotely controllable in the shortest possible time in disaster situations

Photo of the automated electric forklift on the company premises of Ostendorf Kunststoffe.

A forklift truck transports pallets automatically at Ostendorf Kunststoffe GmbH

Photo of the electric forklift, an automated Linde E 25

At the Hannover Messe 2023, Götting KG will be exhibiting a teleoperation control station in Hall 14 (H06/49). Visitors can use the control stand to remotely operate a forklift truck located in an open-air area in front of Hall 14.

Photo Brunhilde AGV in factory hall

Accompany the electric tow tractor – nicknamed Brunhilde – on its last mission.

KAMAG E-Wiesel AGV with Götting Transponder Navigation

With Götting Transponder Navigation

Two-Way Excavator

Radio Remote Control for a Liebherr Two-Way Excavator with a Gravel Broom

Driverless truck for internal transports in a dairy factory

Driverless truck for automated internal transports in a dairy factory

Driverless Semi-Trailer Truck

Task: Automatic Transport of trains of barges

Automatic wheel loader

In an innovative compost plant, an automatic, driverless wheel loader handles monotonous and repetitive loading jobs in the rotting shed with ease

Driverless trucks, UZIN, Ulm

In the first project of this kind FOX has automated two Mercedes-Benz Actros for UZIN, Ulm, Germany