Discontinued Products

Discontinued parts/components

Note: The devices and components listed below may from the date of their discontinuation no longer be ordered and are not available for new projects. The devices listed in the column "alternatives" are in some cases exact replacements. Sometimes the alternatives are only functionally similar devices that can be used for similar applications but can not be used to replace the discontinued products 1:1.

Some of the discontinued products have been custom-built devices, then there may be no replacement at all. We have an archive of old devices where users of discontinued products may still find a number of old manuals.

Please contact the sales department if you have questions on how to replace a discontinued product.

Order Number


Date of Discontinuation


HG 19000 C Steering Filter Card 01.09.2004
HG 19010 C Steering Filter Card 01.09.2004
HG 191 2XC Micro steering sensor 28.09.2005
HG 39300 Interpreter 26.01.2009 HG 71450
(also HG 71451 with Profibus
resp. HG 71453 with CANopen®)
HG 39301 Interpreter 26.01.2009
HG 39310 Interpreter 26.01.2009
HG G-43600XA Laser Scanner 17.10.2019
HG 57200 D TEC Transmitter 19.07.2010
HG 57300 Frequency Generator 01.09.2004 HG 57500
HG S-G57630-A
HG S-G57650-A
HG S-G57670-A
HG G-61417
HG G-61418
HG G-94420-A
HG G-65754-A
HG G-65760-A
HG G-65761-A
HG G-65770-A
HG G-65772-A
HG G-65772ZB
Container Tracking
Position Detection and/or automatic steering of Straddle Carriers or RTGs
27.02.2023 HG S-57652ZD
HG G-61430ZA and
HG G-61430ZB
Control Unit 18.01.2018 HG G-61430ZD and
HG G-61430YD
HG G-70323 Interpreter Proximity Warning System 31.01.2021
HG G-71310-B Transponder 16.05.2018 HG G-71325
HG G-71320-B Transponder 16.05.2018
HG G-71910 Transponder Antenna 30.01.2020 HG G-71915
HG 71911 C Ident Interpreter 04.02.2010 HG 71912
HG 73800 Optical Sensor 06.10.2006 HG 73840
HG 73841 YA + ZA Camera 10.03.2011 HG 73841YB + ZB
HG G-75100-A Inductive modem 01.01.2024
HG G-76100-A Narrow band radio modem 01.01.2019
HG G-76100-B Narrow band radio modem 01.01.2019
HG 76110 Fixed Station Radio Modem 04.06.2020
HG 76300 Radio Modem 04.06.2020
HG 76320 OEM Radio Modem 04.06.2020
HG G-76330 Radio Modem 04.06.2020
HG 76340 Radio Modem 04.06.2020
HG 76341 WLAN Radio Modem 31.12.2014 HG 76343
HG 76342 WLAN Radio Modem 31.12.2014
HG 81830 WA XA YA TA UA VA Transponder Programmer 02.04.2020
VA 01.12.2020
HG 81840
HG 84300 ZA Gyro 24.01.2011 HG 84300ZB
HG 84300 ZB Gyro 15.01.2018 HG 84300ZC
HG 98766 A Ident Antenna 23.03.2010 HG 98767
ID 250 + 251/4 Transponder 15.01.2009 HW DEV00095 +
HW DEV00098
HW DEV00035 Orb Camera 01.12.2016
HW DEV00046 Orb Camera 01.12.2016
HW DEV00047 I-Port III 25.03.2011
HW DEV00088
HW DEV00089
HW DEV00090
HW DEV00099
Disc Transponders 09.09.2020 Please contact the sales department