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AGV-based automation: movizon GmbH emerged from GS Fleetcontrol, a joint venture of Schnellecke Logistics and Götting KG founded in 2018. The managing director is Sven Wosny. The goal of movizon is to support customers in AGV-based automation of processes, predominantly in logistics. In addition to consulting, movizon GmbH is focused on the development, marketing and licensing of movizon CONTROL, a control system for automated guided vehicles (AGVs). movizon CONTROL is the successor of TransportControl, a guidance control software originally developed at Götting KG.

Screenshot of the TransportControl User Interfaces
TransportControl User Interface

With movizon CONTROL, not only AGVs, but also forklifts or stacker cranes can be controlled independently of the manufacturer - a system that is currently unique worldwide. In addition, movizon GmbH provides consulting services within the scope of the professional introduction and process integration of automated guided vehicles. Due to the open structure and the close cooperation between all parties involved, movizon CONTROL is compatible with driverless transport vehicles that Götting KG automates.

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For further information about using movizon CONTROL with Goetting products please contact our technical sales.

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Here you can find a description of movizon CONTROL, the first manufacturer independent lead control system for AGVs.

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Velodyne LiDAR ®

Velodyne LiDAR ® is a leading provider of high-resolution 3D laser sensors. The company delivers key components for the automation of material handling and storage techniques. With its 3D measuring systems Velodyne LiDAR ® offers a flexible alternative compared to popular 2D sensors that have been used to automate industrial applications for e.g. pallet trucks or fork lift trucks.


Point cloud of a 128 channel scanner, © Velodyne LiDAR ®

Götting is system integrator for Velodyne LiDAR ® laser scanners and supports its customers when they want to integrate them into indoor and outdoor applications. Additionally Götting is reseller of Velodyne LiDAR ® scanners for the region D-A-CH.

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If you need support while integrating LiDAR scanners into your projects please contact our technical sales.

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Here you can find an overview of Velodyne LiDAR ® scanners, that you can obtain from Götting (only in the region D-A-CH).


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