Kinetic Automat for Transport Enhancement

KATE vehicles transport loads up to about 50 kg (e.g. small load carriers or boxes) flexibly and automatically. Due to the direct connection to a powerful control software they can be used individually or in groups.

Photo of a KATE vehicle with lifting table and SCL
KATE vehicle with lifting table and Small Load Carrier (SLC)

KATE provides a steady and reliable flow of goods within a facility designed according to customer requirements.

  • Optical guidance along routes made from affixed or painted tracks.
  • Detection of Transponder tags on the ground that trigger actions (e.g. stop, start, turn off).
  • Energy supply via batteries or Supercaps.
  • Conductive or inductive charging.
  • Certified personal protection.

Different configurations according to customer wishes are easy to implement. Thus each customer specific vehicle can be constructed to best fit its application. This includes the obstacle detection, the casing (size) and the loading equipment.

TransportControl Software

Screenshot of the TransportControl User Interfaces
TransportControl User Interface

For automation projects a comfortable control software by our partner GS Fleetcontrol is available. For the operation of facilities with KATE vehicles it is mandatory. TransportControl coordinates and visualizes KATE vehicles or, if needed, other driverless vehicles.

TransportControl allows users to operate the software via a standard web browser. Within the software they can control the vehicle operations. WiFi (WLAN) is used to communicate with the vehicles.

  • Installation of the control software on a (virtual) server provided by the customer / facility operator.
  • Access from any PC or mobile device within the company network (users / permissions).
  • The user interface works in modern browsers without additional plug-ins – additional software installations are not necessary.
  • Telegram interface for the data exchange with superordinate Warehouse Management and Manufacturing Execution Systems as well as communication with gate controls and fire alarm systems.
KATE Fahrzeug Clipart

KATE on a TransportControl track (example sketch)

Application Examples

  • KATE vehicles can be used to replace continuous conveyors.
  • Different superstructures are possible and additional sensors can be integrated (e.g. ultrasound).
  • In combination with the control software TransportControl and an optional PLC integrated into the vehicle customer specific superstructures can be controlled at specific positions, e.g.
    • Lifting action
    • Transport action (drag, push, etc.)
    • Light or accustic signals
    • Stopping the vehicle remotely
    • Freely programmable PLC actuation
Photo KATE as drive-under tractor

KATE as drive-under tractor

Photo KATE with lifting table

KATE with lifting table

Basic Technical Data

Load capacity up to 50 kg, as a tractor up to 100 kg
Transport base area e.g. small load carrier 400 x 600 mm
Driving speed up to 1 m/s
Climbing performance up to 20 %
Energy storage Battery / Supercap
Charging conductive / inductive
Communication via WLAN
Track guidance optically along lines on the ground, reference points via Transponders
Optional navigation using environmental features
Personal protection rated according to DIN EN ISO 13849-1 Stufe PLd
Optional load transfer / lifting equipment
Load pick up: Platform, conveyor belt, cross conveyor, drawbar,
lifting equipment, etc.

Photo of the KATE drive-steering module

Drive-Steering Module (Pivot Plate)

The centerpiece of the KATE vehicles is the drive-steering module that combines the optical track guidance, the transponder antenna, the WLAN communication, the obstacle detection and the power units in a compact center pivot plate. Vehicle manufacturers can order these modules separately.


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Video preview image KATE on the CeMAT 2018
Three different Götting KATE small AGV driving on the mobile area of our stand on theCeMAT 2018. All three vehicles are coordinated and visualized by the TransportControl software:

  • One KATE navigates freely along virtual tracks. It uses a laser scanner that can detect the environment.
  • An extremely flat KATE can transport picking carts.
  • One KATE has a lifting table and transports small load carriers which it can set down/pick up automatically. This KATE also demonstrates the automatic battery charging at a conductive charging station.

Video preview imgae KATE variants
The video was shot on the CeMAT 2016. It shows KATE versions drive-under tractor and with an automatic lifting table. One of the vehicles shown had supercaps as its energy source. Those supercaps have been re-charged inductively at a Götting charging station.

Video image preview KATE IPH Hannover
The video shows the booth of the IPH – Institut für integrierte Produktion Hannover on the Hannover fair 2016, exhibition area. Götting KATE small AGV with lifting tables were showing automatic transport actions.

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