HG G-17100

Photo HG G-17100

The PCM-Decoder HG G-17100 is used for a bidirectional communication via bus bars as they are applied e.g. in connection with monorail systems or ground floor conveyors. Generally this requires 1 or 2 control bars for activation of the mobile vehicle control from the stationary system control. For the acknowledgement of signals from the vehicle control to the stationary system control 1 up to 2 record bars are available as well.

The transmission of the signals results from net-synchronously coded half waves. This has been tested and proven as a reliable and secure technique. The communication with the mobile vehicle control is implemented by Profibus DP-V0. For the coupling of additional components an asynchronous serial interface with RS 232 or RS 485 is provided.

An Overview of the most important technical Features

  • Reception and decoding of net-synchronous PCM-Signals of control bar 1
  • Evaluation of positive and negative half waves of control bar 1 and 2
  • Output of positive resp. negative half waves on message bar 1 and 2
  • Communication with the control system as a Profibus-Slave DP- V0
  • Serial Communication with other components via RS 232 or RS 485 (optional)
  • Mounting bar with connection to protector ground


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