HG G-19603

Photo Magnet Sensor HG G-19603

Magnet Sensor | CAN | USB

For the track guidance of Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) along magnetic tape.


  • Magnet sensor for AGV guidance
  • Indoor / IP 54
  • Digital Magnetometer
  • Technology
  • For axially polarized magnet tapes, nominal reading height 60 mm
  • Interfaces
    • CAN/CANopen® (data)
    • USB (service & configuration)
  • Three independent systems for the detection of turnoffs, track selection via CAN/CANopen®
  • Display of operating status via 5 LEDs

Functional Description

The magnet sensor HG G-19603ZA detects the magnetic field above a magnetic tape in horizontal and vertical direction and continuously calculates the actual deviation diagonally to the direction of travel. The values are continuously output via the CAN/CANopen® bus interface.

19600 Functional Principle
Functional Principle

The sensor is based on digital magnetometer technology for the detection of the magnetic field above the magnetic tape. This technology is robust and maintenance free. The magnetic tape is easy to install and unaffected by dirt.

The sensor contains three independent detection systems. It can thus detect junctions (second track) and follow turnoffs. Via the interface one of max. two tracks underneath the sensor is dynamically selected.

Five LEDs show the current operating state.

The detection range depends on the reading height (mounting position of the sensor) and the type of the magnetic tape. As shown in the image above the sensor uses the magnetic flux density to calculate the deviation X of the center of the track. The higher the deviation the higher the value output via the CAN/CANopen® interface.

The image below shows typical levels of the output signals: Via the CAN/CANopen® interface the deviation from the track as well as the current level of the magnetic field are output. Additionally a detect signal is generated on the bus when a magnetic tape is detected underneath the sensor.

Diagram typical levels of the output signals
Typical levels of the output signals


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