HG G-73830

Photo HG G-73830

Optical Line Tracker (Interpreter)

The Optical Line Tracker HG G-73830 is one component of an optical guidance system for Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) which guides along a line of optical contrast (dark/light). The Optical Line Tracker evaluates the position of the optical contrast line within the picture supplied by the camera and outputs its position relative to the center of the picture. It is also possible to use the Optical Line Tracker in applications with branchings off the main course.

The video multiplex unit included in the Optical Line Tracker allows to connect up to two standard black/white video cameras with composite video signal. This enables guiding the vehicle into two different directions of travel.


  • modular structure
  • connectivity for up to two video cameras
  • CANopen and analog output
  • display of the location of the track via a LED bar or external video monitor
  • RS 232 service interface for parameter settings and tests with a Laptop/PC


  • HG 73830ZA with CANopen®
  • HG 73830XA with Parallel Interface