CeMAT 2014 | Shunting backwards with trailers

The Stand H18 in front of Hall 27

Lehrte, May 23rd 2014 — On the CeMAT 2014 Götting had two stands. On the stand F39 in hall 27 we showed our range of sensors for the guidance and automation of vehicles. The transponder antenna HG 98860 used as a conference table was especially impressive. On the one hand up to six persons could sit and work at it. On the other hand a transponder placed on the antenna could be used to demonstrate the functionality of our transponder positioning systems for vehicles as guests could follow the live tracking of its position on a nearby monitor.

In addition you could find us on the outdoor area around the Hermes tower at Stand H18. Here we presented an electric hauler steered by one of our GPS satellite systems. This hauler was used to automatically shunt several trailers backwards. Each of the trailers had a steerable axle and two inductive antennas thus following a guide wire on the ground in each direction. At the end position this “route train” stopped and another GPS controlled vehicle, a driverless forklift, simulated the automatic loading and unloading of the trailers.

When the fair is over we’ll add a video on this page. Below you can find a first set of photos from the CeMAT allowing you to take a virtual tour of our presentations. For this we have also used the fantastic view provided from the top of the Hermes tower.

Contact persons: Mr. Gregor Wallbaum, Technical Sales International and Sales AGVS





Welcome to CeMAT 2014
The Hermes tower can be seen mirrored in the entrance doors of Hall 27
Mr. Meyer, Technical Sales, in front of Stand F39 in Hall 27
Mr. Wallbaum, Technical Sales International, talking with customers seated around the „Transponder table“
Mr. Meyer demonstrates the functionality of our Transponder positioning for vehicles
The Götting electric hauler in front of the Hermes tower on Stand H18
View over the Hanover Fairground from the top of the Hermes tower
View over the Hanover Fairground from the top of the Hermes tower
View over Hall 27 from the top of the Hermes tower
View over Hall 27 and Stand H18 from the top of the Hermes tower
Stand H18 as seen from the top of the Hermes tower
Stand H18 spotted through the elevator shaft of the Hermes tower
Stand H18 and water fountains in the sun
Stand H18 with Hall 27 in the background
Multiple trailers shunt backwards automatically along a Guide Wire
Automatically shunting electric hauler with several trailers
Driverless forklift loads automated trailers
View of the trailers
Radio remote control for route trains
The meeting point on Stand H18
The Hermes tower in the sun

Götting Quick Guide Last updated: 04/2023

Götting KG founded in 1965, ist an innovative company placed in Lehrte near Hannover (DE) and works worldwide.The company develops and produces wireless data communication systems and sensors for automatic track guidance of so-called automated guided vehicles (AGV). As far as we are informed Götting KG has the largest product range of different components for trackguiding AGV.

Further main topics are traffic technology, RF measuring, wireless data communication in general as well as customized developments for car manufactureres, electronic- and radio broadcasting industry. Currently our company employs 90 professionals of which about 30 are experienced masters in engineering and are responsible for research and development.

The core competency of FOX – a special department of Götting KG – is focused on the automation of serial vehicles, especially for the outdoor area (trucks, pay loaders, fork lifts etc.).