Interactive, cloud-driven KATE AGV with 5G radio channel

KATE on the driving course

Lehrte, October 2020 - As part of the IEEE 5G++ Online Summit Dresden 2020, users were able to control an AGV of the Götting KATE type via an interactive web interface. For orientation, image data and the position of the AGV on a map were transmitted live to the user. The user was able to regulate the speed of the driverless vehicle and immediately follow the AGV's reaction.

Along the route and on the AGV, mobile channel measurements were carried out with software-controlled radios. These could be selected and displayed in the web interface. The data transmission and the channel measurements were carried out via the Online Wireless Lab of the Vodafone Chair of TU Dresden.

A video of the KATE AGV on the demo driving course and the 5G radio components can be found on the Vodafone Chair's website.

Götting Quick Guide Last updated: 04/2023

Götting KG founded in 1965, ist an innovative company placed in Lehrte near Hannover (DE) and works worldwide.The company develops and produces wireless data communication systems and sensors for automatic track guidance of so-called automated guided vehicles (AGV). As far as we are informed Götting KG has the largest product range of different components for trackguiding AGV.

Further main topics are traffic technology, RF measuring, wireless data communication in general as well as customized developments for car manufactureres, electronic- and radio broadcasting industry. Currently our company employs 90 professionals of which about 30 are experienced masters in engineering and are responsible for research and development.

The core competency of FOX – a special department of Götting KG – is focused on the automation of serial vehicles, especially for the outdoor area (trucks, pay loaders, fork lifts etc.).