The program attached below makes it possible to address Götting devices with Ethernet interface even if the IP address is not known. It sends out broadcast packets, which ensures that devices can also be addressed that do not have the same IP number range. However, these devices must be on the same network as the PC on which the tool is running and must not be behind a switch.

The software works under Microsoft® Windows® and does not require installation. If required, download the EXE file below and execute it directly by double-clicking. The following user interface appears after the start:

Screenshot IP Config V 1.00
Screenshot IP-Config V1.00.exe.

Then proceed as follows to determine/adjust the IP address of compatible Götting devices:

  1. In the Network Adapters list, enable the port on your computer that is connected to the network to which the antenna is also connected. If in doubt, enable all of them.
  2. If necessary, deactivate IP addresses under Active Local IP Addresses. At least one must be active. If in doubt, leave all of them enabled.
  3. After clicking Scan, the program searches for compatible Götting devices and lists them in the Devices section.
  4. Click on the desired device in the Devices list to select it.
  5. Click on Go to website to start a browser with the address of the device, if required. This will take you to the configuration web pages. However, this only works if computer and device have compatible network settings.
  6. The Settings area displays the network settings of the device selected in the Devices list. These can also be changed here if required.
  7. If settings are changed in the Settings area, the Send to Device button becomes active. By clicking on the button, the selected device is reconfigured to the new network settings.


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