3D Teleoperation at the Agritechnica 2023

Photo of the vehicle during green space maintenance

Lehrte, 07.11.2023 – From November 12 to 18, 2023, Agritechnica will take place at the exhibition grounds in Hanover. As a technology partner of Rebo Landmaschinen GmbH, you will find us at stand A37 in hall 13, where we will be presenting a modern control stand for the teleoperation of vehicles.

The new concept of video-based remote control (teleoperation) uses five high-resolution monitors to display the camera streams from the vehicle. A special feature is a 3D display that enables spatial visualization without glasses. A swivel monitor unit allows the monitors to be changed from a vertical to a horizontal position in seconds. In this way, the control station can be adapted for different applications or vehicles (e.g. multi-machine operation) with the associated fields of vision. The control stand can be pushed together to the size of a Euro pallet for transportation.

3D rendering of the control stand in a cabin with a view of the open spaces
Concept drawing control stand

The function of the control stand is demonstrated using the example of a REBO Rack 6R from REBO Landmaschinen GmbH. The vehicle is equipped with a forestry mulcher for maintaining green areas.

Photo of the working device

To avoid exposing the operator to environmental hazards (falling rocks, toxic fumes, risk of explosion, etc.), the vehicle can be controlled remotely via teleoperation. The control stand can be located at a safe distance from the operation site.

The operator maintains an overview on the high-resolution monitors with live streams transmitted via radio (e.g. 5G) with low delay. Video images alone cannot address all relevant sensory perceptions. The new 3D monitor and other assistants such as high-quality audio signals and 3D laser scanners complement the immersive and natural experience.

Photo of the vehicle from behind during terrain maintenance in the forest

We invite you to see the new control stand for yourself at the Agritechnica.

Götting Quick Guide Last updated: 04/2023

Götting KG founded in 1965, ist an innovative company placed in Lehrte near Hannover (DE) and works worldwide.The company develops and produces wireless data communication systems and sensors for automatic track guidance of so-called automated guided vehicles (AGV). As far as we are informed Götting KG has the largest product range of different components for trackguiding AGV.

Further main topics are traffic technology, RF measuring, wireless data communication in general as well as customized developments for car manufactureres, electronic- and radio broadcasting industry. Currently our company employs 90 professionals of which about 30 are experienced masters in engineering and are responsible for research and development.

The core competency of FOX – a special department of Götting KG – is focused on the automation of serial vehicles, especially for the outdoor area (trucks, pay loaders, fork lifts etc.).