Automated electric forklift for the transport of pallets

Photo of the automated electric forklift on the company premises of Ostendorf Kunststoffe.

Lehrte, 17.05.2023 – An automated electric forklift is transporting pallets at Ostendorf Kunststoffe GmbH since June 2022. You can see the function in the following video, then follows a detailed description of the project, which you can also download as a PDF file in the downloads below.




Cartoned goods on standard EU pallets are provided on roller and chain conveyors in front of the production halls. The AGV has to transport the pallets to the intermediate storage and transfer them to the conveyor system for storage.

Figure 2: Photo of load transfer to conveyor with bearing marks
Figure 2: Load transfer to conveyor with bearing marks



A Linde E20 Li-Ion forklift truck of the 387 series was equipped for the transport task (see video).

Job creation

The AGV operates without a control system and creates transport orders based on the waiting pallets reported by the materials handling system. The processing takes place automatically without user interaction according to a definable priority list.


The transport takes place between the pick-up and delivery points on predefined routes (Figure 3, left side). Environmental navigation is realized by a laser scanner on the AGV (Figure 3, right side).

Figure 3: Alignment between target position (left) and actual position (right)
Figure 3: Alignment between target position (left) and actual position (right)

Load handling

To pick up and deliver the pallets in the exact position, the AGV "takes bearings" on bearing marks on the conveyor system with the safety laser scanners close to the ground (Figure 2). Monitoring for the exact position of the waiting pallet or checking for completeness of the load was not implemented in this project scope. The load transfer area is designated as a hazardous area.

The main direction of travel when loaded is backwards so that the load is not thrown off in the event of emergency braking.

Figure 4: Sketch of a load transfer sequence
Figure 4: Load transfer sequence


A comprehensive safety concept, derived from risk and hazard analyses as well as current, applicable standards, guarantees an operation free of personal injury and material damage. The safety concept is based, among other things, on the standards listed in the data sheet below.

Other functions

Other system functions round off the use of the AGV and guarantee high availability.

  • Navigation tower with laser scanner for environmental navigation
  • Sensor taps for safe speed and steering angle detection
  • Safety laser scanner for person detection
  • Laser scanner on the roof for machine protection
  • Four emergency stop buttons
  • Signal light on the roof for visual and acoustic signal output
  • WLAN communication with existing material handling equipment
  • Processing and provision of release and blocking signals to the conveyor equipment
  • Spacers on the fork with reflex light scanners for pallet detection
  • Sensors for monitoring fork height and inclination
  • Automated charging of the vehicle battery in a charging station (modified roof structure)
  • Control display in the driver's cab
  • Control panel on the outside of the AGV with illuminated buttons
  • The possibility of manual operation is still given

Contact persons: Sales AGVS


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