HG G-71912

Photo HG 71912

Positioning and Ident Interpreter for Offset Antennas — One-dimensional / Indoor

The herein described system is especially suited for indoor areas. The electronic units are not sealed within the antenna cases, but varnished. Therefore it is possible to effect all important settings and adjustable values after manufacturing. This leads to fair priced systems. Software updates can be effected using a serial interface. The interpreter HG 71912-A supplies the transponder code as a serial signal or parallel signal as well as a midpoint crossover pulse when crossing over a transponder, which is reproducible very exactly.

The transponders used in this system are HW DEV00095/HW DEV00098 resp. HG G-71325XA. These transponders are fair priced and especially suited for the applications of this system (track guided or rail-mounted vehicles with fairly small reading distances).

The interpreter is available in three different variants:

Variant HG G-71912




Output serial, CANopen® parallel, serial serial, CANopen®
Mounting Aluminium flange Aluminium flange Plastic Plate

Transponder HW DEV00095 / HW DEV00098
Transponder HG G-71325XA


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