HG G-81840

Photo transponder programmer HG G-81840YA

Transponder Programmer


  • Ergonomic programmer for Goetting transponders
  • Frequency range see table Variants below
  • Compact handheld housing
  • Graphic display 3.5“
  • Detachable transmit and receive antenna
  • Intuitive user guidance
  • With universal charger


HG G-81840 ZA
  • Blue decoration seal
  • Frequency range 125kHz, 128/64kHz and 409kHz
  • Green decoration seal
  • Frequency range 13.56MHz

Operating Elements


The transponder programmer HG G-81840 is used for reading and programming RFID transponders. The code to be programmed can be entered comfortably via a keyboard and the color display. Likewise the read code is shown together with the signal strength.

The device has an internal rechargeable battery that has enough capacity for about 12 hours of independent operation. The battery can be charged via the device‘s USB type C interface.

Supported transponder types

Variant HG G-81840ZA

  • HG G-70633ZA/ZB
  • HG G-70653ZA
  • HG G-70654ZA/ZB
  • HG G-71325ZA/YA/XA
  • HW DEV00033/34
  • HW DEV00095/98
  • HW DEV00127/128

Variant HG G-81840YA

  • HG G-70661XA/YA


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