HG G-19200

Sketch HG G-19200

Guidance Antenna

These Guidance Antennas are designed for the operation with the Guidance Controllers HG G-73350 / HG G-73351. They are used for the inductive track guidance of vehicles.

HG G-73350 / HG G-73351

Operational Description

A frequency generator induces a current into a guidance wire installed in the ground. Along this guidance wire, an alternating magnetic field is generated.
The Guidance Antenna detects lines of electric flux in horizontal and vertical direction. The voltage characteristic of the horizontal lines of flux (= sum voltage), rectangular to the guidance wire, is a bell- shaped curve.

The voltage characteristic of the vertical lines of flux (= difference voltage) shows maxima at certain distances to the right and the left of the wire and crosses ’zero’ directly above the wire.
The Guidance Antenna is designed for a frequency range between 3 and 25 kHz. Accessible trim-potis enable adjusting the output voltage.


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