HG S 80400

Photo System Components HG S 80400

Wire Break Detection System

The system is used to find a wire and locate a break in a wire.

Das System consists of:

  • Transmitter HG 80410
  • Receiver HG 80420
  • Antenna HG 80421

Principle sketch and opener wire break detection system


  • The wire break detector is an electrostatic measuring device, the receiver has a limited range of approx. 10 cm.
  • The conducting wires must be free of voltage. Crossing or parallel wires must be disconnected.
  • If the lead to the conductor loop is made by twisted wires, the twisted part must be disconnected during the measurement.
  • The point of interruption can only be found if the interruption is unambiguous (R -> ∞). A corresponding resistance measurement should be carried out beforehand. Insulation faults cannot be detected with the device.


Finding a broken cable is illustrated in the short description (PDF) attached below.


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