HG G-57405

Photo frequency generator HG G-57405

Frequency Generator in Top Hat Rail Casing

A frequency generator generates an alternating current in a conductive loop for guidance of driverless transport vehicles (FTF). The circuit board contains a generator with power amplifiers and a transformer for DC decoupling. The operating frequency can be selected via a HEX rotary switch with 16 positions.

Principle sketch inductive track guidance with frequency generator
Sketch: Function

The generator generates a constant output current. Short circuits or too low load impedances as well as loop interruptions or too high load impedances are indicated by an LED on the front panel and a potential-free fault signal output. The frequency generator has separate connections for long or short loops. The maximum load impedance differs between long and short loops in a ratio of about 1:2. The loop current can be adjusted via a trimming potentiometer on the front panel.

Synchronization of generators (not available for variant QF)

Up to 7 generators can be synchronized to avoid beatings when using the same frequencies. Further information can be found on the back.


  • One-loop frequency generator for track guidance of automated guided vehicles (AGV)
  • Alternating current generation with a current intensity of up to I = 600mA
  • For use with guide wire antennas
  • One of 16 frequencies selectable
  • Quartz stabilized frequency generation, accuracy better than 0.02 %
  • Mountable on 35 mm top hat rail
  • All models except QF: Synchronizable up to 5.1 kHz, max. 6 sub masters, max. 6 slaves per master/sub master
  • Only model QF: Switch-on via control input


Versions with different pre-set frequencies are available, please see the data sheet below.


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