HG G-57400 | HG G-57401

Photo of the frequency generators HG G-57400 (left) and HG G-57401 (right)

Frequency Generators


  • Single Loop Frequency
  • Generators for the track guidance of Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV)
  • Generate AC current with current up to I = 600mA
  • For use with Guidance Antennas
  • 16 selectable frequencies
  • Quartz stabilized frequency, accuracy better than 0.02 %
  • Closed Euro cassette, for 19” rack (HG G-57400) or
  • plug-in board for Euro cassette (HG G-57401)


HG G-57400-E
  • Closed Euro Cassette for 19“ rack
  • Width 20 TE, height 3 HE
HG G-57401-E
  • Plug-in board for Euro cassette
  • Width 14 TE, height 3 HE
You can find an overview of the available frequency variants in the data sheet in the downloads below.

A frequency generator generates an AC current in a conductive loop for track guiding Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV).

The board hosts one generator with power amplifiers and a transformer for DC decoupling. Frequencies may be selected by using a 16 position HEX switch on the front.

Sketch: Functionality of inductive track guidance with frequency generator
Sketch: Functionality of inductive track guidance with frequency generator

The generator is set to give a constant output level. Short circuits or load impedances too low as well as loop interruptions or load impedances too high are indicated by LEDs on the front panel and by a fault signal output on the socket.

The generator provides separate connectors for connecting a short loop or a long loop. The maximum load impedance differs between short and long loop by a ratio of approximately 1:2. The loop current can be adjusted by a trimpoti on the front panel.


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