HG 70640

Foto HG 70640

Transponder Reading Antenna

Transponder Reader HG 70640YC and Transponder (Balise) HG 70610RE are used in railway applications. This system enables transmitting a unique, position de- pending transponder code punctually. The Reader is installed underneath the train, the Transponder (Balise) is installed within the road bed, preferrably onto a sleeper. The nominal reading distance between reader and Transponder is 400 mm. The Transpon- der crossing speed can be up to 100 km/h.

Transponder HG 70610 and Interpreter HG 61500 (DE)

When crossing the Transponder, the Reader energizes the Transponder inductively with energy. At any other time, the Transponder is passive and does not require any power supply.

  • Applied standards: ETSI EN 300 330-1 V1.5.1 (2006-01), EN 50 121-3-2, partially EN 50 155
  • Integrated antenna
  • Data transmission via Back scatter procedure


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