HG G-98760

Photo Transponder Antenna HG G-98760ZC

Transponder Antenna | 128 kHz | 1-dim. | serial | CAN / Profibus®


  • Transponder antenna for rail-mounted cranes (AGV)
  • Encapsulated electronics
  • Indoor & outdoor, IP 67
  • Frequency range 128 kHz
  • Reading distance depending on transponder 30 to max. 200 mm
  • Active area for positioning 280 x 110 mm
  • Max. Crossing speed 3 m/s
  • Voltage supply 24 V ±10%
  • Bus interface: CAN or Profibus®
  • PosiPulse when crossing the center of the antenna in driving direction
  • Serial interface serves as service interface for configuration or data interface
  • Programming of transponders

The transponder antenna is used for localizing and tracking rail-mounted cranes with the aid of ground marks (transponders). The antenna described here is particularly suitable for vehicles in outdoor areas, since the electronic units are sealed in the antenna housings. All important settings, adjustments and software updates can be carried out via a serial interface.

When the antenna passes over a transponder, the transponder is powered by an energy field of 128 kHz and transmits its code back to the antenna at half the frequency. The interpreter integrated in the antenna decodes the code. When the center of the antenna is crossed (at right angles to the direction of travel), a high-precision positioning pulse (PosiPulse) of adjustable duration is output. Furthermore, various characteristics of the antenna – such as current consumption and supply voltage etc. – are measured and add- ed to the serial output protocol on request.
The serial signal is output as a potential-separated RS 422 or RS 232. The positioning pulse is also galvanically isolated. Further interfaces are CAN bus or Profibus®. An overview of the available variants of the antenna is given in the data sheet below.