HG G-21934 (old)

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Guide Wire principle

Track Guidance System for Inductive Guidance of Outdoor Vehicles

The system is especially suited for vehicles working in an outdoor environment. The electronic unit within the antenna casing is fully submerged in a seal- ing compound. All important adjustments are carried out via sealed potentiometers.

Functional Description

A rotationally symmetric, alternating magnetic field is produced when the guide wire is connected over the loop adapter to the generator. The steering antenna receives over separate channels the vertical and horizontal components of this field. Both components are then filtered, strengthened and rectified, so that Usum and Udif are available at the output pins.

Furthermore there is a switchable output, which validates the output voltage. The reception range is given by the measured sum voltage and is like this voltage; interdependent upon the height and current used. It is possible to select one of eight possible receiving frequencies by use of the three frequency select inputs from the inductive track guidance antenna HG G-19534 included in the system.

In order to compensate for height or current fluctuations, a correction calculation has to be carried out with an external computer, because the given voltages are interde- pendent on height and current.

In order to register the vehicles angle in relation to the guide wire, a second antenna should be connected to the vehicle. The correction calculation and calculation of the vehicles angle is not part of this system.


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