HG S 70323 (old)

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Inductive Proximity Warning System

To ensure trouble free operation it is necessary that collisions between unmanned transport vehicles (AGVs) are eliminated. In general this function is implemented by a route co-ordinating computer, provided that the current position of every single AGV is known. This is not always the case, for example over ling distances or in queues, so the separation of vehicles must be guaranteed by their own „intelligence“.

The proximity warning system HG S 70323 from Götting is suited to nearly all areas in which production and transportation are to be automated. This results in considerable simplification of system control through supervision and controlled output from routing computer to vehicle. The distance determination between vehicles employs a transmitting/receiving antenna working in the frequency area of 10 to 100 kHz. It has proven its worth since it is not influenced working through dirt, humidity, sound or light.

Construction and Function

The system is of modular construction. An application specific optimally tuned system is given by combining individual build- ing blocks. Customer specific variations are realised with little development and production costs. On the basis of its modular construction, the proximity protector can be installed in various ways. The principal functions available in a standard configuration should be explained.

The proximity protection system consists of:

  • Microprocessor control unit
  • 2 or 4 transmitting/receiving antennas
  • Connection cables between antennas and control unit

Proximity protection with two antennas

The make-up for a vehicle consists of the control unit and two transmitter/receiver antennas, which are each mounted at the front and rear sides of the vehicle and connected to the control unit by cabling.

The appropriate antenna in the front of the vehicle receives an alternating magnetic field from a preceeding vehicle. The field strength relates to the distance. Accordingly, an alternating magnetic field is transmit- ted from the rear mounted antenna, that can be received by any following vehicle. Dual frequency operation allows to overtake or two-way traffic.


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