HG G-71910 (old)

Note: The systems and devices listed here are no longer available for new projects.
All documents for discontinued products can be found in our archives. They are available for our customers who are still using older products.

Transponder Antenna — 1-dimensional / indoor

The antenna is especially suitable for vehicles in indoor areas. It is easy and thus cost-efficient to configure and calibrate the antenna after its production. Software updates can be carried out via the serial interface.

The antenna delivers its code via an interface that depends on the version: Serial, parallel , CAN bus. Additionally it generates a highly accurate crossing pulse (positioning pulse). The transponders can either be HG G-71325, HW DEV00095 or HW DEV00098. Those transponder types are cost-efficient and especially suited for the preferred operating ranges for track-guided vehicles with relatively small reading distances.

Transponder HG 71325 Transponder HW DEV00095 Transponder HW DEV00098


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