HG S 57632 (old)

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Container Location Tracking

Determination of Position for Vehicle and Container Tracking

It is possible to determine a geographic position with the common „Global Positioning System“ (GPS). Portable standard equipment customary in trade provides a geographic position up to an accuracy of 10 m. Additional equipment - e.g. a local reference station - allows achieving the determination of a geographic position up to an accuracy of ca. ±1 m. This accuracy is sufficient to document the positions of containers and vehicles reliably.

Container Tracking

The temporary storage of containers by use of visual means with manual confirmation leads to an error rate disrupting the efficient turn over time of the container ships.
Using the worldwide accepted GPS technique to determine and document the stack of a container in a seaport, it is possible to reduce the ratio of „lost“ or incorrectly positioned containers to almost zero.

I.e., the RTG‘s working in container transport in a seaport communicate with the controlling yard management system via a Data Radio Transceiver when they pick up or set down a container at a predesignated position within the container yard. This leads to a relief of the driver as well as it reduces the error rate - complicated and time consuming searching is no longer necessary. Furthermore the driver’s efficiency will increase.


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