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Sketch Steering Controller

Steering Controller for AGV

Steering controllers HG 73110, HG 73120 and HG 73130 have been developed for guiding Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) automatically along a guidance conductor. They are made for low-cost applications and are provided with PLC interfaces.


A steering antenna transmits information about the displacement of the steering controller which processes it using a special regulation strategy and transmits a correction variable to the steering drive. This steering drive and a steering motor help guiding the vehicle along the guidance conductor.

Regulation Strategy

Two different regulation strategies are available:

  1. sensors that are mounted on th esteering axis and thus steered
  2. sensors that are mounted on the rigid vehicle frame

If the system has steered sensors, the measured displacement from the guide-wire is transformed into a correction variable for the steering motor. It can regulate the displacement even if the vehicle is not moving.

If the sensors are mounted on the rigid vehicle frame, the only way to regulate any displacement is when the vehicle is moving over a certain distance. Depending on th eposition of the sensor with regards to the steering axis, the relationship between vehicle displacement and resulting steering angle may vary accordingly.

Coil Systems

Steering controllers may be applied in various different system setups. There are several different systems, like one- or multi.frequency systems, with or without arrestor. It depends on the coil system, which steering controller is necessary:

  • front cross coil: HG 73120
  • front and rear cross coil: HG 73130
  • front cross coil, two coils perpendicular to the wire in the rear: HG 73110


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